The Leadership Miracle

I’ve personally been impacted by the message Mr. Deeley so eloquently presents in the following pages. As someone who most often works with clients behind the scenes, you have almost certainly never heard my name. I found anonymity far more comfortable than being in the spotlight, and i decided long ago that I preferred it that way. The fact that you are now reading these words serves as a testament to the powerful message this book contains.”

– Angela M. Woods

“This book is not a roadmap; it is more like a bottle washing up on our individual shores. Inside is what’s hidden in all of us: a gift being desperately pled for, and offered, at the same time.”

Sydney K. James


From The Leadership Miracle
If you want to lead, quell the tempest inside. People look to the North Star – not the wind – for guidance. Power lay in the still, small, calm and clear voice of God within you. Quietly, you will find your voice.

It will be big enough. Loud, clanging gongs are for entertainment. Deep and quiet waters wash away the anxiety of the timid and scared.

Be those waters.

We need you.

I pray that I am your John the Baptist.

Truth emerges. It always has and always will. Tempests and bluster have their day, but the grave silences them all.

Stand for something that will endure past the frenetic moment. Music is not noise. A fortunate composition of notes, colors, or words lasts well past the artist.

All our time is limited.

Take the gift of this fleeting life and build something that will echo past your short life. The pain and suffering of those who came before may in fact live in your DNA. But the joy and love of your life can live in the DNA of those yet to come.

Lead us all into the light.

We need your voice.

The time of fruitless anger must pass.

The time of new mysteries and surprising love is coming.

Is there is no one left to lead us?

It must be you.



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